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[FEATURED] Artist - Marina City

AEMMP Records: Rock is officially announcing the collaboration with Marina City on their upcoming EP, Chimera. Read a few words from their lead singer Ryan Argast.

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Listen/Download: Chilled and Fulfilled by AEMMP Records

Hashed out in the early days of January, Chilled and Fulfilled is an album that was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 4 days during Columbia College Chicago’s J-Term 2014. Everything was created from scratch, from the music to even the bands.

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Our second single off Spring 2014’s project, La Collection. Produced by Columbia’s own Charles “C-Sick” Dumazer.

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Spotify gives huge discount to college students!

According to, “As of the 2012 U.S. Census there were 26.1 million students enrolled in college or vocational schools, all of whom are now eligible for a steep discount — $4.99, down from $9.99 — on Spotify’s premium music subscription service.”

Sources have said that research proved that 45-50 dollars a year was a “sweet spot” for their listeners. Personally, I think this decrease in price is a great idea. It is essential to pay your loyal customers with something other than the product - or in this case, the program. From a marketing point of view, this tactic will more than likely increase subscriptions and generate trial. In other words, I think people are going to be encouraged to try it out if they haven’t already because 5 dollars a month isn’t a lot at all and college kids look for cheaper alternatives in almost everything.

I don’t have a spotify account. I use the free subscription for pandora. However, this deduction in price for spotify might push me to sign up with them. 

For more information, click link below:

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A Few Thoughts On The Eve Of SXSW 2014

By Paul Suwan (AEMM ’15)


            It’s been eight years since my last trip to the South By Southwest festival, so I’m curious to see how things have changed. Eight years isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, but it’s long enough that my only previous experience with SXSW came before social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram existed; before mega-stars like Lady Gaga had lotteries to get into their shows; and before the corporate presence got silly. (You mean there wasn’t always a giant tent structure called the Fader Fort presented by Converse or a five-story stage in a parking lot built to resemble a Doritos vending machine?)

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And here it is…The first single off C-sick’s “La Collection” featuring Nick Astro, No Name Gyspy, and Taylor Bennett. Peep Game.

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[FEATURED] - Producer C-Sick & The Exclusive Interview with AEMMP Hip Hop!



      In a time when everyone who has a computer can be a producer it takes an extreme amount of dedication and talent to truly make it in the industry. Entering the RedBull Beat battle in 2008 was C-Sick’s chance to show his talent to the world.  After an incredible victory his career took a jump-start and working with artists like Nas, Fabulous, Lil Twist and Miley Cyrus is no small feat. We were able to sit down with C-sick to get some background on his passion for creating music and some of his major influences. C-sick was a joy to gain insight from; he is a humble and down to earth soul and undeniably a force to be reckoned with.  AEMMP Hip Hop as a whole is extremely fortunate for his work on this year’s upcoming project simply out of charity and the kindness of his heart.

Q; Why music? What made you want to start producing?

A: “Where I’m from either you hooped, danced footwork or you gang banged and sold drugs, or you made tracks; that was one of the outlets for people. I downloaded the program, one of my boys showed me a few little steps and when I heard sound coming out of it I was like wow, if you highlight a certain thing or press a certain button you have sound and you can create music like that. I was blown away, that’s when I let everything go. I used to hoop all the time as a kid but when I discovered music it changed my life.”

Q; How did you feel going into the Red bull Event and how was that different after you won?

A: “Entering the red bull event was so much fun and very exciting. That was my first contest and it was a way for me to prove to people that I had the capability of becoming the next big thing. That was really the beginning of my career. I was really excited because I was one of the youngest competitors; it was sponsored by RedBull and was going to be aired on BET so everything was crazy. Then after winning I had beat battle beats and I knew that I knew how to create songs but I had to learn how to sequence beats and remove sounds to make space for the artist to do their thing. One thing I wish I had was a mentor throughout this process because after winning I didn’t really have any guidance. And If I had a mentor Im sure it would have been a lot easier for me to understand the business and who to give beats to and what type of beats to send. One of the biggest mistakes producers make is when A&Rs ask for music, they think ok this sounds like a 50 cent beat but 50 cent might be looking for something different and new and the whole time you have that but you are trying to get his old gangsta feel. Obviously you want him to be in his element with the beat but not sound like the other producer and I was doing that which was bad.”

Q: What was it like working with Nas for you personally?

A: “Um it was pretty surreal because growing up I was watching Nas at a young age like on TV. I would have never thought in a million years I would be working with him so that was pretty dope. It was dope it was just a good vibe it was my first time working with a major artist in a professional studio so every was surreal. I couldn’t really believe it till a couple of weeks later. “

Q; Can you shed some light on working with Major Ali and the Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus situation?

A: “Major Ali who is one of Justin’s songwriters.  He reached out to me via twitter after hearing the song I released with king Louie called Val Venis which was a single and he reached out and said “bro I love your beats can you send more.” So I sent about ten beats and 6 months later he emailed me and flew me out to LA and we went to work. That was in April of 2013 during Memorial Day weekend. We were out there just vibing out.  We also worked with Chef Tune who is another songwriter for him [Justin Bieber]. Right before I had left for France during the summer time Major Ali had told me  “yeah one of your records, I have Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber and Lil Twist on it.” At first I just thought yeah ill believe it when I see it or hear it. When I came back from France that’s when it all happened. The night after the VMA’s when Miley Cyrus did all her twerkin, that’s when the song got leaked. That’s how it all came about; it was kinda out of the blue.  As a producer I had been submitting beats to A&Rs and producers but you never know what might come and what might not so you just keep working on the next thing and when you get that call that’s when it happens.”

Q; Kanye has been an influence to countless artists what specifically about his music has had an affect on you?

A: “When I first heard him [Kanye West] when I was like 11 or 12. He was on Power 92 with the song Through The Wire, sampling one of the songs my mom used to play when I was a kid.  She used to blast Chaka Khan and when I heard it sampled I was like oh shit I really recognized this song in the background. He just made a whole new something out of it. That was when he really influenced me and that’s when I wanted to start sampling music, really follow in his footsteps to learn more about productions and what’s behind the scenes. I spent a lot of time just YouTubing him and the productions he has done and how he flips certain samples. I have always been reaching to get on his level”.

Q: When you started Producing did you see yourself getting to the point you are at now?

A: “No not at all, everything took time and effort, I mean deep down inside I knew I had a God given talent its just I knew I had to work at it. Its like math the more you do it the better you’re gonna be at it. I don’t know I’m not really trying to think about that right now, I’m just trying to take it day by day and just see where everything goes.  When I wake up I just make a beat and I just think about how much better it is going to be compared to the previous one, so if anything I am just competing with myself and I knew I was gonna get better cause I do this every day.”  

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: “Honestly, I don’t even know. Hopefully, God willing, I have my family and I am around the same people, like my family and friends from the jump. Hopefully ill be a music producer and do the things I want to do in music. Even if its in Chicago that’s good for me I love this city. That is where everyone’s at for me. If I’m in LA that’s cool too. Hopefully I have enough money to bring everyone with me. I just wanna live comfortably; I don’t want all the fame and money. I just want to be able to live off my music.”

Q; The classic story is to drop out of school much like Kanye. After working with such big artists and being so successful, why do you continue to attend school at Columbia?

A: “I still want to have a degree and my mom influenced me to go.  I also want to set an example to any kids in entertainment that you can do both.”

Q; Has going to Columbia changed your career path?

A: “It helped; Columbia is a great school for networking, and learning the ins and outs. Even though you might know a lot of things about your craft, you still always need more. You are never too good to say no. It’s always good to learn from someone else because they have made mistakes so they can teach you what to do and what not to do. On top of that, I feel like Columbia is a melting pot of all types people not just in music but fashion and film. Everyone here is creative in his or her own way. You always need that type of outlet. Im not trying to only do music, I want to do other things as well and you might get inspiration for something from other students.”

Q; Last Question, just for fun. Do you get noticed on campus or in class?

A: “Sometimes yeah, they’re  just showing love and I show it back.  It’s humbling.”

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[FEATURED] Artist - The Giving Tree Band


“Carve a band out of stone and try to see a treasure in everyone.” 

Hailing from Yorkville, IL The Giving Tree Band was formed in 2004 by brothers Todd and Eric Fink. They had been playing together for several years within various jam bands, but began to shy away from the electric guitars and distortion to create an outfit with a down-home acoustic aura. 

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[ AEMMPfo411 ] YO. Austin, TX…AEMMP RECORDS is comin’ to throw it down.


Bat Bar 

Austin, TX 

March 13th 12pm - 6pm

Is Texas ready for it this year?

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